About Me

I like Policing and Administrating.

I love Russia and it's culture and I only listen to Russian music, primarly the Red Army Choir.
I worked at a public Middle School at the age of 17-18 years old as a Secretary, with a post-graduate program.

I will study Public Administration in a college this October for 3 years.
Currently I want to learn more in the field of Administration since I always administrated in online communities and also I want to learn Russian.

I'm not really that social and I easily forget people probably because it is very difficult for someone to make the difference to me.

San Andreas Multiplayer

Jake Randall
I've been playing in SA:MP roleplay and RPG servers since 2009, I always did legal roleplay by joining Government factions, becoming a Law Enforcment Officer or Agent. I also was the President in severals servers and led Federal Departments in tons of servers.
You can find more on my YouTube channel which works as a proof sometimes.